Top Pinterest Pages For Parents

Top Pinterest Pages For Parents

You're 1 click away from fun parenting ideas!

By Andrea Eldridge for GalTime
using Pinterest as a parenting tool

From adorable onesies to DIY crafts, Pinterest is full of great links for parents looking for ideas or guidance.  

Therein lies the rub: how can busy moms or dads narrow down the overwhelming sea of boards to find the ones that bring a little joy, peace, or motivation to their busy family?  

While everyone has their own parenting style, here are some pages that offer a great launching ground to find inspiration in the images and tools that fellow parents love.

Zina: Let’s Lasso the Moon:
Creator of the hugely popular “The Parent Water Cooler” and “The Weekly Kids Co-op” boards, Zina has 270,000 followers.  Her boards highlight interactive, creative and sensory-driven activities to allow your kids to explore their world.  Her massive following often leads to a lively discussion among the comments on her links.  Followers add suggestions, or confirm if they enjoyed a project or recipe, often offering tips to improve the original idea.

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“The Parent Water Cooler” is a collaborative board intended to offer a place for parents to read about and comment on hot topics in parenting.  From discussions about the state of the education system, to integrating technology into childhood learning, the pins are meant to engage followers in a parenting discussion while offering creative projects and activities to do with your kiddos.

For a collection of family oriented, educational activities geared toward kids from toddlers to pre-teens, check out “The Weekly Kid’s Co-op.” There are easy recipes to cook together, links to awesome birthday party ideas, and cute craft projects.

Cathy James @ NurtureStore:
Cathy James’ pages are full of beautiful and engaging images of activities, learning tools, crafts and more that I can’t wait to do with my kids.  There are 80 boards to choose from, including ideas by season, cooking with kids, sensory play crafts and much, much more.  Her page includes links to Zina’s most popular boards, the “Kid Blogger Network” by PlayDrMom and “Reading and Writing Readiness” by Allison McDonald.

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The “Kid Blogger Network” is a collaborative board from mom bloggers that focuses on activities and crafts to do with your kids.  You’ll find lots of great DIY projects and suggestions for free activities to spend quality time with your little ones.

Allison McDonald’s pages focus on crafts and activities to aid in early childhood development.  The “Reading and Writing Readiness” collaborative page aims to help parents encourage youngsters to learn letters and practice reading and writing with fun games, books and projects.

With 31 boards of fun and colorful images, BabyCenter will carry you from maternity through creating the perfect kid’s playroom.  This board falls under the category of images that appeal to me, which is frankly what Pinterest is all about.

If you’re looking for a shopping-centric page, Zulily maintains 27 boards of adorable clothes, art and accessories for kids and mom.  Their popular “daily deals for moms, babies and kids” has lead to a following of over 24,000.

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