The Top 5 Excuses I Hear At The Gym


Make no more excuses from living a healthy lifestyle!

 By Andy Berman for Galtime

One of the things that I love about my work is that I get a first-hand glimpse into how people think. I am a trainer first, an observer second, and a student of human behavior third. And, I have started to understand how people think about their lives and priorities and why. I am going to let you into my life for a few minutes by sharing some of the most commonly used phrases about "why I can't work out". Bare with me as I review in no particular order...

1. I have a spouse and kids to take care of when I get home -I can't possibly find time to fit in working out. My family needs me.

"Does this sound familiar?" Ironically, these are the very reasons why you need to make time to take care of yourself. You see, your family needs you to be healthy and energized.

And, they don't benefit from having you drink caffeinated beverages all day long.

2."I skip lunch so that I can get work done and get home to my family earlier."

Well, you may get home earlier but you'll get home with low blood sugar and probably feeling very irritable. I recommend that all of my clients maintain a stable blood sugar level by eating 5-6 small meals per day. You wouldn't drive your car home with no gasoline in it. Would you? Even, if it meant getting home earlier?

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3."If I exercise then I won't have time to do my chores and run my errands."

Again, this is another fallacy. Think of the saying-"If you want something done then ask a busy person." Busy people tend to be more efficient just as people who work out produce more endorphins which also leads to being more productive. 60 is great. But 30 minutes of exercising a day is all you need, if done right.

4. At least once a week my adult clients ask, "Can you talk with my son/daughter about working out and spending less time on the Internet and video games?"

My response: "Absolutely, bring them in for our next session." Truth be told, I sometimes keep my mouth shut and let the exercise do the talking.
I purposely give mom or dad a hard exercise that is literally "child's play" for the kids. Nine out of ten times the kids surprise the parents and show them how strong and fast they are. "Mom, I can't believe you can't do this plank, it's so easy." In this case, I have accomplished two things:getting the kids to exercise and having the parent work out at the same time.

5. "I just can't get my husband/wife to the gym."

I suggest that they stop nagging and watch how things unfold. And, a strange thing often happens. The spouse at home wants to get the same results. Not to mention a "second workout" at home. The results speak louder than words.

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