Top 5 Ways Moms Can Save Money


Find out how being a mom can SAVE you money (yep, you read that right...).

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Mother's Day is coming up. So, what do Moms really want? More time to do the things they want  to do and more money to do those things with. Here are my Top five ways for moms to save money.

1. Create a meal plan. Making a meal plan is something we mean to do, but somewhere in the midst of working, cleaning, running errands and chasing after kids, it gets lost in the shuffle. Many moms know that having a meal plan makes it easier to pass on fast food and it saves them from that 4:30, "what's for dinner" conundrum. How To Make The Most Of An Empty Nest

But, did you know that meal planning can cut your grocery bill as well? Planning your meals around your grocery store's weekly sales is the key to saving big. Also, plan your meals so that you can repurpose leftovers. What do I mean by repurpose leftovers? For example, chicken and rice leftover from Monday night can become soup ingredients to go along with sandwiches on Wednesday night.

If you don't have time to peruse sales ads and create a plan yourself, there are great sites that can help, like Food On The Table, which creates meal plans based on your local grocer's sales ad for you. 

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2. Sitter swap. Anniversaries, work parties and date nights all require one elusive and expensive ingredient to make them a success ... a baby sitter. Finding childcare can be easier and cheaper than you ever imagined, if you're willing to think outside of the teenage girl box.

Sitter swapping is all the rage, mostly because it's free. Plus, you usually feel safer when parents you know are watching your kids. How do you start a swap? Call up a friend and dive in by asking to watch her kids, so they can go out on a date night this week in exchange for the same favor returned the following week. 9 Surprising Places To Find Love

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