Top 5 Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Is it rare to lie to yourself? You may think it is, but find out the truth here!

by Cathy Holloway Hill, for


Have you convinced yourself that you will never be successful?

You probably wonder why I would ask such a ridiculous question.  I ask this because you could be unknowingly self-sabotaging your success every day if you tell yourself lies.  Self-lies are the catalyst for self-sabotaging, self-defeating behavior and it happens every day to everyone at one point or another in our lives.  The problem is that we don’t recognize and therefore we can’t fix what we won’t face, hence the reason for this article.

Take a moment and think about lies that have affected your life.  Whether it is a marriage, friendship, career situation, debt, or health issue, lies seem to touch everyone at some point in life.  Statistics reveal that over 85% of individuals are miserable in their jobs, and this is proof that there is a lot of pretense in our lives.  People lie for many reasons, but the most damaging lies are the ones we tell ourselves.  The most popular self-lies are:

  • I’m too old for that.
  • I will never find true love.

  • I will never get out of debt.
  • Change is difficult – I can’t do it.

  • I will never lose weight.


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If you have ever told yourself any of these lies, then keep reading. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that this self-defeating habit can be reversed and you can live in a bigger, freer, healthier, happier way.


Who will be first to admit that lies control your life?  Most of the lies we believe have been planted into our subconscious from childhood.  They were told to us by a trusting, loving individual in our formative years and we held onto it into adulthood, and those lies continue to dominate our thoughts.  We then push ourselves into despair and depression because of the actions and behaviors that have been created as a result of believing the lies.  No one is responsible for your happiness, yet we give our power and control to others (spouse, children, co-workers, boss, and society).

Your life is similar to the art of masquerade.  The masks you wear daily hide the true you.  You know your faults and flaws.  However, rather than face them; you throw on one of your many masks to avoid facing the truth.  You believe that if people knew the real person behind the mask, they would turn their backs on you, but you don’t want that to happen because you need that validation from others in order to function.  You put up a false front.  The mask is what you want people to see because it is your protection. You don’t strive to correct anything because you’ve convinced yourself that it is too difficult.  So you just cover it up.  You put on fresh paint to cover the rust underneath.


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The first step in overcoming the self-lie trap is to realize that your self-worth is not determined by your accomplishments.


It should be based on who you are, not what you do or what you have (possessions).  Next, we must understand that our “comfort zones” are hurting us, not helping us.  There is nothing “comfortable” about being stuck in a rut.  If you are willing to face your truth, take small steps to begin the process, and commit to the change, you can accomplish whatever you would like to do.  If you can dream it, you can have it.  But it begins with the 6 A’s:

  • acknowledgement
  • action

  • affirmation
  • anticipation

  • adjustment
  • achievement

What lies do you tell yourself?


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