When Is The Right Time To Meet His Family?

When Is The Right Time To Meet His Family? [EXPERT]
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Taylor Swift already met Connor Kennedy's family, begging the question: How soon is too soon?

On the one hand, it can feel very encouraging that your new partner seems to like you so much that they want to bring you to a big family party and meet the important people in their lives. On the other hand, you might be walking right into a judgment fest in which, if you haven't established your own strong connection yet, your newly significant other might be too easily swayed away from you should their family suggest you aren't the right match. Instead of gaining favor, you run the risk of getting the seal of disapproval.

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Think of it as building a good fire. Sometimes the top takes off right away, burning high. But if there isn't a hot smoldering base, that fast fire can quickly fizzle out. Take the time to establish a foundation before opening yourself up to any possible criticism.

If you are asked to that wedding or birthday celebration early on, you can politely decline, adding that you would love to go to the next occasion. That will give you a chance to build a solid relationship so when you do meet the family you are already an item, and your new partner can better withstand any negative comments that might come your way. If, in fact, the motivation to pursue you stems from wanting a date for the event itself, you will have your answer before you got in too deep. Your Mom's Top 5 Relationship Mistakes

Taylor and Connor didn't choose this path, but jumped right in. She has met the family, attended big events, and even, sadly enough, visited the grave of Connor's mother who died recently. For him, obviously, it wasn't just about having a date to the wedding, but only time will tell if their foundation will be strong enough to sustain them.

What do you think? When is the right time to introduce your new love interest to your family?

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