The Surprising Secret to Shiny Hair


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Your hair and scalp need oil to be healthy. Your body produces its own oil in the form of sebum, which is used to coat the hair and protect it from the elements. Some people produce too much oil, while others don't produce enough. The balance needed to obtain healthy looking hair can be found by using the right natural oils.


For centuries, women have used oils found in nature to achieve lustrous shine. While they had to rely on the oils found in the areas in which they lived, today we can find nearly every type of oil to add much needed moisture to our hair. One of the easiest oils to obtain is olive oil.


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Olive oil is an excellent oil for use as a scalp massage. Not only will massage help stimulate circulation and speed the removal of dead skin cells on the scalp, increased circulation makes for stronger hair as follicles receive their nutrients and blood supply in your scalp.

Olive oil has many health benefits when consumed and used as a topical treatment. Because of the way olive oil is processed, the oil produced is one of the purest on the market today. It contains healthy omega-three fatty acids which help to strengthen the hair follicle and prevent breakage and split ends. Olive oil may also help to prevent hair loss in people who experience traction alopecia (hair loss from stress on the hair follicle from tight braids and extensions).


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The squalene in olive oil has been shown to help regulate the moisture balance in your skin. It's quickly absorbed into the skin and the nutrients are able to reach deep within your tissues. Application of olive oil on your scalp may also help prevent and relieve itchy dry scalp.


Olive oil is a wonderful answer to dry hair and scalp. It's natural, affordable, easy to obtain, and full of nutrients and antioxidants which your scalp and hair need to be healthy. You can find olive oil in your local market, or look for hair care products which contain pure olive oil.


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