Is Sex Simply Better In the Morning?


Love it or hate it -- doing the deed bright and early may actually have some benefits...

So your guy is a 'morning guy.' He doesn't just wake up early...he WAKES UP early-- he 'rises' as the sun rises. OK, you get the point. We all know what it's like to get that nudge from our man who wants a little 'play time' before work. But, these days, it's not only men initiating sex after slumber. GALTime love and sex expert Jane Greer, Ph.D., says, "Morning sex for men is a sure thing-- meaning they all love it. But, the good news is more women are literally 'joining in' that sentiment and finding it's a great way to connect and start the day."
Now, mind you -- if you want to either get in the game for your guy or you want to kick your day off with a bang (pun sort-of intended), you should go into it knowing there's a difference between a-m intercourse and romantic date-night interludes. "Because of the time constraints everyone deals with in the morning, there's not going to be the slow romantic build up typical of wine-and-candles sex. This is about quick, no frills, feel-good sex to start both yourselves and the day off on a pleasurable note," says Dr. Greer.

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Even during quick moments, though, we all want to feel good...and feel good about ourselves. Are there rules to UP the 'sexy' factor even if we have morning breath and our hair looks like we've been caught in a hurricane? "Keep in mind that feeling sexy stems from within, so that it's not about how you look, but how you feel," says Dr. Greer. "To feel sexy, think about what a turn-on it is to your partner to see you completely naked and au natural without makeup and go with the feeling of being desired simply for who you are in the morning light."

One of the biggest rules: Do NOT plan it! Morning sex, especially, ignites from spontaneity. Scheduling it into your Blackberries may ruin the quick romp. The one thing you should plan ahead for and have nearby: birth control. No one wants to ruin the 'Let's go right now' with a 'Hang on, I have to find the condoms.' (We're thinking keeping breath mints in the nightstand may not be a bad idea, either.)

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Since foreplay is not as much in play when you have to get to that meeting or get kids off to school, it's critical to hone in on what is important to fire things up as quickly as possible. Dr Greer's advice to the MEN? "Always remember her 'hot spots' -- her erogenous zones that work -- whether it's kissing, kissing her neck, touching her breasts, etc. Make sure you include them each and every time. You don't want to rush past them since they will make the sex good for both of you."

Are you into morning sex? If not, and your partner is, how do you deal with his alarm-clock requests? What's your favorite time of day to play with your partner? We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment below.


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