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Tricks of the trade, baby.

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Recently, I decided to go with a charcoal “smoky” eye makeup look, and by the end of the evening I looked more like a not-so-cute version of a raccoon. Instead of achieving “smoky” I succeeded in “smeared.” My grey eyeliner had migrated south and my eyeshadow was creased like my favorite linen pants. Surely, I thought, there’s a way to “set it and forget it.” So, I asked a makeup artist guru and she shared her stay-put secrets. Trust me, ladies...these tips are worth their weight in makeup gold and will change your makeup world (or, at least, make your shadow and liner stay put):


Powder it: Use an eyeshadow brush to apply loose face powder. This is key for keeping your shadow from creasing and not doing a disappearing act an hour later.

Prime it: There are a few shadows that double up as a shadow+primer like BareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadow ($18). These smart shadows resist creasing and fading.

Waterproof it: When using eyeliner and mascara, opt for waterproof, if possible. It tends to last longer than its non-waterproof counterparts.

Seal it: Make Up For Ever Eye Seal ($20) is pure genius. It’s designed to “seal” or set all shadows and liners (whether it be shimmery lose shadows, pigments, glitters, liquid liners, etc).

Quick How-To:

Before applying your eyeshadow or liner, first apply powder to lids (from brow to lash line) and directly under eyes where the eyeliner will be applied. Use the powder sparingly along the lower lash line as you only want to place it directly where the liner will go and no where else (for easy precision, use a liner brush to apply the powder to this area).

Next, apply a waterproof eyeliner (regular liner is fine too as the powder and sealer will definitely set it; however, waterproof has a slight stay-put advantage). Then, using a skinny eyeliner brush, apply the sealer (e.g. Make Up For Ever Eye Seal) directly over the eyeliner.

Finally, apply your favorite mascara, and, voila: perfect eye makeup that won’t fade away or run for the border halfway through the evening.

So long eyeshadow creases and runaway liner. Hello perfectly set makeup. These easy-to-do tips will keep your eye makeup in place and your stress over potential eyeliner snafus in check. No raccoon eyes here….

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