Second (& Third) Marriages: Destined For Divorce?


If you've been divorced, statistics say it's more likely you'll divorce again

By Jim Duzak, Attorney At Love for


Statistically speaking, the more times you’ve been married in the past, the more likely you’ll get divorced again if you remarry.

The divorce rate for first marriages (meaning a marriage in which neither person has been married before) is reportedly between 40 and 50%. But for second marriages (at least one of the spouses has been married once before), the rate jumps to between 60 and 67%. And for third marriages (at least one of the spouses has been married twice before), it’s a whopping 70-73%.

Why would this be? Don’t people learn from their mistakes? Well, unfortunately, many people don’t, or they rush into another marriage for the wrong reasons or before they’ve figured out what went wrong last time.


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You may be blind to the role you played in the breakup. The problem was always something your “ex” did or didn’t do.


You may be stuck in your comfort zone, even when that comfort zone is harmful to you (like if you’re someone who always seems to be attracted to partners who abuse you or cheat on you).

You’re an incurable optimist when it comes to relationships, always falling in love too fast and always seeing your latest partner as the answer to your prayers.


You fear living alone, and will get married just to have someone to come home to.

You may be looking for a quick fix to the psychological wounds that divorce inflicts, rather than taking the time to heal.


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If your ex was unfaithful during your marriage, you may immediately try to get revenge by taking up with someone else.


You may lack basic skills, such as household, financial or job skills, and will get remarried just to avoid having to learn them.

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