Relax: It's Okay If You Don't Obsess Over Your Baby's Milestones

baby milestones

3. We all mother differently. To some moms, consistently adding to the perfect baby book might be an important priority and if that's your passion, embrace it! If it's not, don't feel guilty for it. I think—as first-time moms—we preserve memories as a way of "breaking in" to motherhood or do it because we think it's something we are "supposed" to do. As you grow as a mother or add more kids to your brood, you start to learn to accept your strengths as a mother and admit that we're not all alike.

4. Looking back is hard. Yes, memories are important. Looking back at pictures of my children as babies is enough to make me want to melt into a weeping pile of mushy momness. At the same time, I know that as a mother, I am always going to struggle with accepting that my children are growing up—it's just hard for me. So learning to not obsess over every milestone with my other children has helped me look towards the future, instead of missing the past.

And if all else fails, hide the baby books. Problem solved.

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