No Time to Exercise? Malarkey!


With this advice, you'll have all the motivation you need to get fit once and for all.

By Kori Hendrix for GalTime

As a lifestyle fitness and wellness coach the number one excuse I hear for not exercising is, “I just don’t have the time to exercise!”  To that I say malarkey! Granted you may not have a spare hour to hit the gym, but you can always find time if you are creative.

The good news is every little bit counts and it does not have to be 1 hour at the gym for you to reap the benefits!

Do you have a favorite can’t miss television show? I bet you do. (Come on, admit it we all do. This time of year mine is American Idol.) This week instead of sitting down to watch why not try recording your favorite TV show. While it is recording head outside for a nice brisk 15-30 minute walk.  

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When you get back home you can reward yourself by watching it. Plus you get to enjoy the added bonus of being able to fast forward through all the commercials!

You say it’s too hot, too cold or to wet to head outside?  I say then it is time to get off the couch and exercise during the commercials. Try old fashioned jumping jacks, pushups, crunches, march in place, “Jane Fonda” style leg lifts… anything just so long as you stay moving during the entire commercial break.

Did you know that the average 1 hour long tv show contains approximately 20-22 minutes of commercials?  And your favorite 30 minute shows have 8-10 minutes of commercial…ie “exercise” time.

Other ideas… If you happen to have a piece of home exercise equipment like a bike or treadmill gathering dust in the corner or serving as a clothes rack? Why not dust it off, hang up the clothes and  walk or peddle throughout your favorite programs.  

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Or have fun by challenging your housemates to exercise contests. Find out who can do the most pushups in 1 minute?  Maybe challenge your special someone do twice as many pushups or crunches as you can.  

Your children’s busy schedules to blame for your lack of exercise time? Walk around the block while they are in dance class or jog around the soccer field whilst they practice. When my kids were young they loved charts and tracking their progress.

Make a fun family  fitness chart and track yourself and your  kids as they do pushups, sit ups, jumping jacks, etc… not only can fitness be fun but they will burn off energy and sleep better too!

Fancy a cup of tea in the afternoon? Why not do squats or lunges while you wait for the kettle or microwave? The other day I was in the kitchen doing this when my daughter happened by. Her response “Daaaad… mom’s exercising again.”  The best part? My 2-year-old grandson standing next to me mimicking my movements.  I love it!

 The more you look the more you will find random, fun, crazy ways to fit in a bit of exercise. Life is busy. Who cares what others think about when or where you squeeze in a bit of exercise. This is about you getting fit, getting moving, and getting into the habit of exercising whenever and wherever you can.

What are your favorite ways to sneak in a bit of exercise? I’d love to know. Share in the comment section below. 



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