Kim Kardashian: Should She Have Listened To Her Family?


If you watched the show, it was apparent Kim's family weren't the biggest fans of Kris...

By Tyger Danger,

Today, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kris Humphries after a whopping 72 days. While many were waging on the over/under on their marriage from the get-go, 10 weeks is a tragedy in anyone's eyes.

K and K's union was rocky from the start. Paparazzi mauled their private lives. Sister Khloe chastised Kris’ character. And family and friends continuously questioned his intention on marrying Kim.

Would she be filing for divorce before she even finished putting away all the lavish gifts from her $10 million wedding if she had taken her family’s complaints more seriously? On his side, news reports say his family "mostly looked appalled" at the over the top lavish wedding at which they were barely a part. Did Kris' clan tell him to run for the hills when his boooty-fied bride told him he'd need to keep his dogs in a crate... forever? Or, when Kim's sister Khloe said out loud that the men in the Kardashian family had no say?

Who knows what couples go through when wedding jitters build, especially under the glare of reality-tv cameras. When family disapproves of your spouse-to-be-- whether you are a Kardashian, an NBA superstar, or a regular joe-schmoe--- should your family and friend’s opinions dictate your life choices? Galtime Love Doc Jane Greer, Ph.D., explains this relationship plight is not out of the ordinary, and the way to tackle the issue is the same for celebrities and everyday people.

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Many times, “you have to take the criticism with a grain of salt,” Greer says. “Of course your family doesn’t think he/she is good enough for you. Don’t get angry or dismiss their concerns, address them and evaluate their legitimacy.”

But, in certain cases, the issues are real. Dr Greer says that the spotlight for Kim and Kris was intense ...and so were their differences. She would have advised them to get counseling and to set boundaries that focus on their respective needs. They needed to learn to share and balance time between families.

“One challenge with marriage is the shift from we to me,” Greer says. “In the Kardashian family, when one weds, it is more of adding another sibling to that giant family rather than breaking off and starting and supporting their own. This adds even more sibling rivalry and arguing about who is most important to a family constantly competing for the spotlight.”

A healthy relationship, according to Dr. Greer, focuses on trust, respect and support. It balances your family and friend’s concerns with being realistic. Your loved ones are coming from a good place and just want to protect you, but remember that it’s about your own judgment.

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“Pay attention to their uncertainties and delineate if they are really problems for you,” she says. “Sometimes you just have to say, ‘Hey, I know you love me and I have taken what you say to heart, but I have addressed it, and I am asking for your support.’”

But if the issues aren’t getting resolved and you’re continually feeling unhappy, you may want to call off the relationship, Greer says.

She adds Kris should have had major concerns . He was not marrying Kim, but the Kardashian clan-- a family they did not think he was worthy to enter. She says love can conquer a lot, but not core differences, especially when both parties are used to getting what they want.

In Kim and Kris' case, you have to wonder if there weren't enough red flags to fire up a raging bull.

No matter what, though, divorce is sad. Do you think Kim will keep the rock?

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