Joy is To Be Shared

Joy is To Be Shared
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There's no need to compete for joy...there's enough to go around!

By Nan O'Brien, Intuitive Counselor for GALTime


Much of the pleasure of life is reduced by the innate tendency to compete with others, whether in terms of possessions (house, car, electronic gadgets), opinions (political, religious, parenting), and/or experiences (places visited, people you know or have met).

Life is not about having a contest, it is about being authentic and truthful, and embracing experiences for the experience's sake.

It's ok to disagree. It's respectful to share an opinion but not try to 'one-up' the other person. And if someone tries to engage you in this kind of competitiveness, the only response to keep the pissing contest from expanding is to agree with the other person.

Theirs is bigger - so what? Theirs cost more - that's nice! Their opinion is right - hey, it's great to have convictions, whatever they may be!

This kind of response ends the discussion. Why, then, is it so hard not to take the bait? If you are secure in what you know and who you are, you do not need to measure yourself against someone else.

If someone else continually seeks to have you measure yourself against him or her, see it as a reflection of that person's insecurity - not yours. Today, and all year, be resolved not to engage in competitive behaviors that ultimately are destructive to you.

True friends are happy when you are happy and do not need to try to elevate themselves above your joy by putting you down. Joy should be shared, not seen as a prize in a contest of comparison."

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