"I'm Too Pretty To Do Homework" T Shirt Pulled


JC Penney apologizes. Is the shirt funny or scary? Can clothing speak volumes?

So, J.C. Penney apologized for its now infamous shirt that says I'm Too Pretty to Do My Homework and a spokesperson for the company told ABC News, "We've immediately discontinued sales of that T-shirt. It was only online... We agreed that the shirt does not deliver an appropriate message."

Well, I have news for you J.C. Penney -- this is not the first time that clothing has delivered a message...appropriate or not. It's just that your message was oh-so-blatant (and blatantly sexist!).

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There are some days that teens' clothing sends out the message that they were too tired to get dressed (no words necessary). There are other days that their clothing sends the message that they really want to look good on this particular day. This has been going on for ages.

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And, parents, too, speak with their clothing. Yes, today when I drop off my child I am going to exercise this tired body... or I am all dressed up because I have somewhere important to go.

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I think that we need to thank J.C. Penney for reminding us that clothing speaks volumes... even if your feelings aren't printed boldly on them. And while we are on this topic, remember that your non-verbal behavior usually speaks much more loudly than what you say. So, if you are talking to someone and your body is turned away then you probably want to be somewhere else. There is no need for a T-shirt that says Get Me Out of Here.

Statements can be made much more subtly.

If you had to wear your feelings on a shirt what would it say?

By GalTime Parenting Pro Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D. 

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