Are You a High Maintenance Mama?


You primp and take care of yourself. Does that make you high maintenance or a rockin' role model?!

First, let me say that the kids always come first. Nonetheless, I am what one would refer to as a high-maintenance mama.

Yes, I take excellent care of my skin. I get monthly facials. And yes, I taught my daughter about skin care while I was in the process of maintaining my own. I taught her not only about facial skin care, but also about using sunscreen regularly. To this day, she reminds me about applying sunscreen to the areas especially vulnerable to sun damage.

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Second, I get my hair colored and highlighted regularly. No, I am not an earthy girl who believes in letting it gray naturally. And yes, I taught my teenager about the importance of using good hair care products and using good conditioner.

Third, I exercise regularly and make it a priority. When I called my daughter at college, I asked her not only about her grades and emotional well-being, but also about whether or not she was making time to exercise. And no, she did not become obsessed with her body image. Instead, she enjoys hiking and many outdoorsy activities.

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High-maintenance is often associated with self-indulgence. Let me explain that I work hard to pay for these services. There is no sugar daddy paying these bills.

I'd like to suggest that we re-consider how we think about high-maintenance mamas. Perhaps, they are, in fact, excellent mothers who are good role models for their daughters. They may be teaching them not only about healthy habits, but also giving them the message that as one ages you can still look and feel wonderful.

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The qualifiers are that you need to work hard to get a good job that allows you to pay for products etc. and you have to have good self-discipline and balance in your life.

I have a few questions.
1. Is high-maintenance a negatively-laden phrase?
2. Do you consider yourself a high-maintenance mama?
3. Do you think our teen daughters are paying attention to our personal styles?

By GalTime Teen Expert  and author Barbara Greenberg, Ph.D.

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