How To Travel With Your New Man


Planning a weekend getaway with your new man? Read this first.

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Spring is coming and with it, comes the urge to bust out of the winter blues and get away! Whether you're planning your spring break vacay or a romantic weekend for two, there's a lot to consider when taking your first trip with a new guy.

Sure, you guys are crazy about each other. Keeping your hands to yourselves is harder than resisting a shoe sale. Everything is just perfect -- at home. But traveling together can be one giant compatibility test. So, beforehand, consider the kind of impression you want to make and plan ahead.


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Here are some tips for a fantastic voyage:

Travel Light. Sounds petty, but nothing screams "high maintenance" like the woman who brings a giant suitcase and two carry-ons for a long-weekend trip. Pick out your outfits ahead of time. If you're going somewhere beachy, bring a few sundresses, a bathing suit, a light sweater and a couple pairs of sandals. To make room in your suitcase, roll your clothes rather than folding them. They'll wrinkle less and you'll be able to fit more.


Ditch the extras. Every hotel room provides a hair dryer. You don't need to haul your own with you. You also don't need to lug "what if" items. For example, "I should bring nail polish -- what if I want to do my nails?" or "I should bring my own pillow -- what if I don't like the pillow at the hotel?" Get your toes beach ready ahead of time. And if the weekend works out the way you want it to, the feel of the hotel pillow is the last thing you'll be worrying about in bed.

Be on time. Travel can be stressful, so don't add to it by being late. If your guy comes to pick you up at 5:00 a.m. so you can make an early morning flight to Cabo, don't ask him to wait 10 minutes while you put on your makeup. He's raring to go and you should be, too.



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Be ready for anything. Since travel can be stressful, stay cool and make the best of situations that you can't control. If your flight is delayed, enjoy a cocktail together at the airport bar. If you get stuck in traffic on your way out of town, take turns being DJ and share your favorite music with each other. Just enjoy the fact that you're together, not working, alone and on a journey.


Relax. While on your getaway, remember to enjoy it. Don't plan so many activities that you don't get to unwind and relax together. Sure, you'll want to see the sites and check out what your destination has to offer. But if you're only there for a weekend, make sure you plan to rest, too. Sometimes there's nothing sexier than a lazy day together.

Your first getaway together can set expectations for future trips. So relax, enjoy and unwind!


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