How to Take the Best Family Photos this Holiday Season

How to Take the Best Family Photos this Holiday Season

It is the most wonderful time of year!

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Tips for taking cherished holiday photos

As soon as the Halloween candy is out of our house, it’s full-fledged holiday happenings around here! That’s right; November 1st starts the oh so joyful preparations for holiday gatherings and celebrations. From Thanksgiving football games to cookie swaps, this season is all about reliving traditions and making memories as a family. What better way to savor the season than through photos? Here are my top tips for taking the best photos this holiday season:

Set the self-timer and get everyone together for a group photo. The most beautiful thing about the holidays is how everyone from Grandma to grandbaby is brought together under one roof. Pulling everyone together for a moment - away from the dinner table for a family photo - is a special opportunity not every family takes advantage of, or is fortunate enough to be able to do. It may be a little tricky to capture the entire family, but you’ll be glad you seized the opportunity later on down the road. One must-have tool to pull off a full family photo is a tripod. I love Joby because they have convenient and portable tripods for both your professional or digital camera and your smart phone!

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Play with perspectives. The holidays can mean different things to each member of your family. Try out different angles with a few of your shots and take on a new perspective, like that of your child. Also, be sure to capture the environment around you during the holidays – from the snow outside to the decorations indoors. Doing so brings more depth and life to your holiday experiences when you share them online.

Pass the camera around. We’re all guilty of being camera hogs, convinced we can’t miss catching a special moment on camera. While this is of course true, there’s always one important piece missing in photos when you take them: YOU! Get in front of the camera for a change by handing the camera off to another family member. This is another great way to switch up perspectives and see the holiday from another set of eyes.

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Capture candids and reactions. Be shutter happy! Embrace the lens, whatever its form - on a new professional camera or your smart phone – by taking lots of photos. While posed shots create quintessential photos for framing, it’s the candids that really tell your holiday story.

And now that you’ve captured the holiday season through thoughtful photos, it’s time to make these memories last for years to come. I like to do this by organizing and sharing my collection of albums. Woven, the free app for phones and tablets, makes it easy to gather all my photos into one place so I can share them with friends and family. Grab it today so you'll be ready for the holiday memories you'll soon be capturing!

Go ahead and take as many photos as possible – the more, the merrier!

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