How to Run Your Love Life Like a Business


Be as successful in love as you are in business!

By Mary Schwager, Consumer Watchdog for

“You’re fired!”


Those two little words are something most people hate to say, but in the search for The One, you may want to consider it.  Of course, unless he really deserves it, you may not want to just belt it out just like "The Donald"... but it's actually a very Trump like way to re-think how you run your love life: Like a business! This new strategy is the brainchild of Yvette Schmitter, who just wrote the book on life, love and leadership for today’s modern woman. 

In her book Boss Lady Basics, Schmitter advocates that women take a leadership role in their lives by running it like a successful company. As the “leader”, making decisions is the most critical job. Deciding who is going to share that corner office is a high-stakes decision. And the stakes are so high, women sometimes get stuck. Schmitter shared some tips with GalTime to help you weed out the candidate to whom you may want to say, "You're hired!"


Demand Evidence

Use the same thought process as you would in running a business. Step away from the emotion of being single, take a deep breath and think. Think of it this way. If someone came into your office and asked you to commit your heart, share your already small apartment and financial resources to something unproven, would you? Of course not. Demand from yourself the due diligence about a love candidate before you commit your heart, soul, square footage and wallet. If a guys keeps telling you that he’s all that and a bag a chips, just wait and see. Doing so will save you time, heartache and closet space.

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Our emotions have a not so funny way of clouding the best of judgment and during this love-heightened time, it’s difficult at best. When it comes to decisions about love, our thinking really goes off the deep end. Remember those times when you asked to yourself, “What was I thinking?” Exactly! Look closely at the evidence to make sure that the logic you’re using holds up.

Balance short-term NEEDS with long-term GOALS: This means exactly what you’re thinking. Mr. Right Now is not necessarily Mr. Right.


List the Pros and Cons

This actually works for a lot of scenarios because it forces you to think in totality about the good and the not-so-good. Here’s the kicker: Just be careful of how you weigh your pros because it could lead you to making a costly decision. Read on for more explanation.

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No Anchoring

Anchoring is a business term that basically means that a decision-maker disproportionately weighs the first set of information received. For example, your guy is a hot, under-employed model and you had a great first date, you may disproportionally weigh the fact that he’s a hot model and discount the fact that he’s under-employed, living with roommates and you've paid for dates #2-10.

Could you run your love life like a business?


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