Hooray For Age Verification on Online Dating Sites


Fraud (especially age fraud) should NOT be tolerated on any dating site. Have you been a victim?

By Rabbi Arnie Singer for GalTime.com

 There’s nothing worse than contacting someone on an online dating site and going out with them only to discover that they lied about their age. You feel cheated, let down, violated. Regardless of the rationalization and motive behind it, lying about your age or about anything else for that matter is just plain out wrong, period. It’s certainly no way to start a relationship.

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I’d like to believe that the overwhelming majority of singles on online sites are honest about their age, but the small group that aren’t cast doubt on the entire system. You’re never really sure if the profile you’re viewing is part of that shady cabal. You’d think that dating sites would require age verification to stamp out the fraud, but as far as I know, non of the major site do.

So I’m very happy to publicize that the one site that I’m involved with as a matchmaker, Sawyouatsinai.com, has actually done it. They’ve created an age verification symbol, a green check mark, to indicate that the age of the single was verified against a driver’s license or other official document provided by the single. What a relief for anyone on that site to know that the person they are considering to date is actually the age they claim to be.

I commend SYAS for doing the obvious, and challenge all the other dating sites to follow their lead. There’s no reason why any kind of fraud, especially age fraud, should be tolerated on any reputable dating site.

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Hurray for age verification on online dating sites!

Are there any other sites that are doing this already? Please let me know so that I can praise them too.

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