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With the ever-growing technology, apps can even find a way to help you this holiday season! See more

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Apps to keep you organized this holiday season

Halloween’s over and you know what that means - it’s officially time for the holidays! Who doesn’t love this time of year? Trips to see relatives, parties with friends, gingerbread and eggnog…I could go on and on!

Unfortunately for many though, the holidays can be unnecessarily stressful as we try to fit so much into a limited amount of time.

Perhaps this year I can offer a bit of holiday relief with these smart phone apps guaranteed to make staying on track a little easier this holiday!

Black Friday: The first stop on the holiday express is Black Friday. To help navigate the craze of sales on this cold November morning, has a free Black Friday app that lists major retailers’ specials. Notification of Black Friday sales will go directly to your phone as soon as they become available. Grab the app for both iPhone and Android by clicking here.



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Travel help: If you’re visiting family and friends during the holidays, chances are you could use a little packing help. After all, you don’t want to have to borrow something from your mother-in-law – ugh! uPackingList is a free app for both Android and iPhone that allows you to create a packing list quickly and ea you’ll need on travel. Don’t forget anything on the way to grandma’s house this year! uPackingList is available by clicking here or search for it in your app store.sily. It even comes with pre-made lists carefully designed to include the most common items



Holiday meals: If you’re staying home to cook up some holiday deliciousness, we have an app for you! Epicurious is one of the best-known cooking sites on the internet that just so happens to also have the best app! I use the Epicurious app as my cookbook for everything. As an added bonus, it allows me to email a shopping list from within the app to my husband if I need him to pick something up from the store.

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Party planning: For those of you iPhone owners hosting holiday parties this season, the Simple Soiree app allows you to plan a menu, create shopping lists, invite guests, and check RSVP's - all in a snap!

Making a list and checking it twice: Finally, when it comes down to the big shopping rush in December, a simple list manager like Wunderlist can help keep track of your holiday gift list. Available for both Android and iPhone, the Wunderlist app allows you to sync across all of your devices so if you’re doing online shopping from your home computer, your updated list will be available on your mobile device while out shopping .

With a little organizational help from these trusty apps, you’ll be in for a truly “app-y” holiday!

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