Gorgeous Winter Weddings: Simple Tips from a Celebrity Planner


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By GalTime Writer, Kelly Rouba, for GalTime.com

Gorgeous and Glowing Winter Nuptials

Even though it was over 20 years ago, Rachel Brown Jamison still gets starry-eyed when she recalls the details of her friend’s winter wedding.

“She had her wedding in a chapel at night,” says Jamison. “The chapel windows all had small arrangements with taper candles, and they kept the lights lower in the chapel so that it glowed. The bridesmaids wore dark green velvet, and it was very romantic.” 

While most brides probably shy away from hosting a winter wedding due to hustle bustle of the holiday season and the potential for winter storms, there is a lot to be said for the special charm a winter wedding can offer.

Celebrity event designer and television personality Samantha Goldberg likes to think outside the box when it comes to planning winter weddings. She has even created unique themes—from a South Beach Winter Wonderland to a New Year’s Eve celebration complete with eco-friendly confetti—to fulfill her client’s desires.

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And while some of her clients spare no expense when it comes to their special day, Goldberg says that couples can still have a lovely wedding without breaking the bank. No matter what your budget, “you can do things that are very dramatic,” she said.

When planning a winter wedding, the couple first needs to determine what it is that they like about the season. Then they may want to work with a wedding planner to determine ways they can implement those characteristics into their wedding. Since it’s usually not feasible to bring the wedding outside during this time of year, Goldberg enjoys finding ways to bring the winter elements inside.


If you want to recreate “that special blue sky on a crisp winter night, take it to the walls with Par Can (lights). It’s the least expensive way to light up a room at $15 to $30 per light,” when it comes to rentals, Goldberg says.

To save even more money, look online since brides often sell Par Can lights after their wedding is over. “You can pay it forward when you’re done! Sell them again and gain back your investment.”

Goldberg notes that black is the typical color for a Par Can, but “you can use a heat resistant white or a multi-color spray paint line to match the room. You can also buy light bulbs that have a remote, which allow for millions of colors with just a tap of the remote. This runs anywhere from $3.50 to $11 each.”

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