Don't Let the Past Dictate Your Future


What matters most is the NOW. It's never too late to make changes to your life!

By Nan O'Brien, Intuitive Counselor for GALTime


One of the most damaging actions you can take in your life is to not resist the tendency to live in the past. When you embrace the belief that because something has always been, it will always be .

When you allow your identity to be dictated by what is behind you-- you do not leave any room in your life for change. You say you want things to be different, but you do not allow that change to be planted, nurtured, and to grow within because of the belief that if things have always been, they will always be.

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Today, take stock of those beliefs that are getting in your way about your life, grab them by the roots, and pull them from your heart.

Resist the habit of familiarity and create the space for new understandings of self to be planted. Give yourself permission to be different, to have your life unfold differently in the future than it has in the past.

Shed the identity of victim and embrace the role of being pro-active in your choices. Life always comes down to choices - those you have control over, and those choices you make in response to the imposition of other choices on you. Either way, it's about choice. Today, choose you.

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