Does Size Really Matter? (Not JUST That)

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Would you dump a guy if he didn't "match up" to your standards?

One Size Fits All  In Italy when you go to buy a belt, it doesn't matter what your size is because every belt is made so that it can be cut down or expanded to "custom fit" whoever is going to wear it. The Italian makers go by the motto 'one size fits all'. If this can work for what goes "on" our bodies... it stands to reason we can employ the same creative motto for what goes "in" our bodies! When it comes to sex and size there is no end to the beliefs and myths that abound. Misconceptions, unfortunately, can really wreak havoc with people's sex lives and self esteem. So if you and your honey are coming together literally from different angles you want to keep in mind the following: The key to good sex is chemistry, not size or inches! This is true for differences in size above or below the waist! Differences in height and weight make a difference, too, but the fact that your differences have brought you together speaks to your chemistry and that you turn each other on! This will be your natural lubricant that will facilitate comfortable fun sex.

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Your size differences create the need for awareness and consideration outside of the bed such as how you order food, where you sit in public places, even the car you may drive. You always want to consider and literally "make room" for your partner's needs and what will make them comfortable. So when it comes to Sex: * Be as verbal as possible: Ask your partner what he/she likes, if what you're doing feels ok, is comfortable, making sure it isn't hurting (depending on position and/or angle). You want to speak up and share with your partner what you think feels good/ bad. If you don't know right away, then be sure to clue him/her in on what is working and what might need to be omitted as you discover what works.

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  *Be creative: Think outside the box ( or the bed as the case may be). Look beyond the standard positions/ place for sex and just like adapting the belt to make it fit, adapt yourselves to your environment to fit your body's needs. Think chairs, tables, floors, walls. Think on top, sideways, backwards, and finally, think to augment--pillows, sex toys, lubricating gels, all the good stuff that allows each and every person to find their comfort zone and get comfortable with their partner despite their differences so it's good sex for all. Just as you accepted your physical differences from the start with each other, you simply want to continue to do the same and work with them. Throw in some "I love you's," sexy music, and anything else for your mutual shared pleasure, and your guaranteed to get to the "finish" with each other.

What do you think? Does the size of your partner --in all ways-- make a difference in how compatible you are?

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