Does Expectation Lead To Disappointment?

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Take things one step at a time and live in the NOW!

By Nan O'Brien, Intuitive Counselor for

Expectation leads to disappointment: When I first heard that spiritual concept, I railed against it. You need to dream! You need to have goals! Vision! You need to EXPECT good things!

But that is not what this saying means at all. Of course you need to be excited about your life and look forward to good things! But expectation comes when you CREATE a certainty in the future outcome, and RELY on it happening the way that YOU think that it should.

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If the outcome is different, then you are let down, disappointed, upset. The disappointment comes from the difference between what you thought things were going to be and what they are (or sometimes, who you thought a person was going to be in your life, and he or she is not).

The key to not being disappointed is not to be attached to the outcome. Take things one step at a time and trust that if you focus on each step of the journey, the destination is assured. Let go of the expectation, and enjoy the outcome!"

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