Design Your Bedroom To Attract The Love You Desire

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Use Feng Shui tips to decorate your room AND your love life!

By Debra Duneier, EcoChi® for

This Valentine’s Day take charge of your love life! Your bedroom is a sacred room. It is a private world for you and your spirit. It is the place where you rest and restore your body and your mind. There is room for one other special person in this room-your love partner. If you are looking for a loving relationship, unbridled passion or you would like to enhance the romantic area of your life follow these easy to implement feng shui love tips and you are on your way!


Add passion and excitement to your love life by adding warm colors, such as red and burgundy because these colors have a stimulating Chi (energy vibration.) If you want to attract a considerate, gentle lover, use soft colors like salmon, coral or dusty rose.


The Red Bird is an ancient feng shui principle that works in a powerful way. One indoor location that is considered a Red Bird is the wall opposite the bed. This area is where your future is depicted. Carefully choose what you put on this wall. Select a painting, sculpture or photo that symbolizes the love and romance that you want to attract to your life.

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Remove photographs of family and friends from your bedroom and relocate them to the social rooms of your home like the living room or den. The bedroom is a sacred sanctuary for you, your spirit, your dreams and your lover.


It is important to have identical side tables on both sides of the bed, with identical lamps on each side as well. Couples need to even things out if they want a more balanced life. What you see is what you get, so if your partner’s side of the bed has a larger table than yours, it often means that he or she is carrying more of the responsibility in the relationship.


Accessorize your bedroom with pairs of decorative items. A good choice would be two candles in matching crystal candlestick holders or artwork that depicts two people, two flowers- never one.

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Fresh flowers in romantic colors like mauve, pink or peach are also very effective when looking for love. Once the flowers began to wilt they must be thrown out immediately, because dying flowers or plants bring in a negative energy.


Make room for the love partner you desire! Empty out a couple of your dresser drawers and leave some empty hangers in the closet. Remove your personal items from one side of the bed as if this wonderful lover is already in your life. This energy and intention will bring this new love interest into your life…it always does.

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