How To Make The Most Of An Empty Nest

How To Make The Most Of An Empty Nest [EXPERT]

When your "kids" grow up and move away, you could dwell in sadness or learn to start fresh.

One of the most difficult life transitions for moms is when their children leave home. 

As the kids begin their final years of high school, sure, you're aware that their time is fast approaching. Still, it never quite sinks in until they actually pack their bags and leave.

The feelings can catch you off guard. Suddenly, there's so much extra space, both in your home and in your heart. This time of transition often brings with it waves of sadness and loneliness.  6 Great Reasons You Finally Have An Empty Nest

The year before my youngest son left for college, I became acutely aware of the impending separation. However, the family was so busy, time flew by.

For 20 years, I was a mom first, raising two boys while keeping the house in order. My career, although important, was secondary to being a mother. So, facing an empty nest was a challenge. And to deal with this major life change, I had to make some major changes in my daily routine. 

I decided to use this transition into the empty nest to begin investing time in activities that my previous "mom schedule" did not allow. So, I decided to shift my business consulting career emphasis to focus more specifically on women like me ... women in transition. /node/13710

With these extra hours, I had time to learn about website design and social media. Next, I embarked on building a website that I author each day. It has grown over the last three years, and I have enjoyed sharing advice with other women embarking on new careers, new families and new life transitions. How to Make Other Mom Friends

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