8 Beloved TV Characters Who Battled Breast Cancer

8 Beloved TV Characters Who Battled Breast Cancer [EXPERT]
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These inspirational characters put public faces to this deadly disease.

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6. Alex Reed Halsey Barker of "Sisters," played by Swoosie Kurtz, turns her breast cancer experience into stand-up comedy, leading her to become a talk show host and significantly shifting her career. This early-90s hit ensemble included Sela Ward, Ashley Judd, Paul Rudd, Nora Dunn and many other still-famous actors.

What was real about Alex's experience? A medical trauma can shift many unexpected aspects of a survivor's life, including career.

7. Sterling Archer, title character from the animated comedy show "Archer" on FX, is an alcoholic, hypersexual, egotistic, lacrosse-playing special agent that the creator designed to be "as dickish as possible." Oh, and the twist of this James Bond-alike? He has breast cancer that is in remission. While the illness softens otherwise cold-shouldered ex-girlfriend Lana Kane toward him, it doesn't hold back the Burt Reynolds-admirer known as one of the world's deadliest spies from doing his animated, a-hole-ish thing.

What's real about Sterling's experience? He's a man and more than 2,000 men were diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

8. Kristina Braverman of "Parenthood," the frantic coordinator of schedules and therapies and quality time for her three kids, is diagnosed and will spend the next few episodes contemplating treatment for breast cancer. Kristina is played by Monica Potter.

What's real about Kristina's diagnosis? It lands in the middle of her missing her oldest daughter Haddie after she leaves for college, negotiating a new dog for her teen son who has Asberger's and caring for toddler daughter Nora.

What television characters battling breast cancer are still with you?

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