"The Best Gift He's Ever Given Me.."


Now that the holidays are coming up, figure out what some awesome gifts are this season.

By GalTime Writer, Kelly Rouba, for GalTime.com

‘Tis the season for giving and some men sure know how to spoil their ladies! GalTime asked readers to share what they felt was the best gift a man ever gave them. Some of the responses from these lucky ladies might blow you away and some may even move you to tears.


If you think your guy could use a little inspiration from these gents, you just might want to print this article out and leave it by some milk and cookies!

Here's what women told us about the favorite present from their partner.

“When he proposed to me on Christmas Eve.”


Submitted by Trish Cherrington

“As a little girl, I always dreamed of owning a horse. I took horseback riding lessons and even leased a horse for a year, but never did I have a horse to call my very own. Fast forward about 20 years, I’m married with two small children, a husband (who as a cop, works crazy hours), a full-time job of my own and not enough land nor enough discretionary income to own a horse. Truthfully, as an adult, I had never even considered owning a horse. It was a dream of the past that I never thought would ever come to be a reality. And then, Christmas 2011 changed all of that. When it came time to open my Christmas present, my husband took me out to his car where, out of the trunk, he pulled a feed bucket, horse brushes, and a halter. With my mouth wide open and a confused look on my face, he confirmed that his gift to me was a horse. As if that wasn’t enough, he had been arranging this for months. He found a pasture close to our house for us to keep the horse for free. He found a low-cost, trusted horse from a friend of a friend. He had done all the legwork so I could have ‘time to myself, and a place to de-stress and be a kid again.’ The gift is the gift that truly keeps giving. Every time I am able to ride, I feel carefree and reenergized. I couldn’t have asked for a better, more thoughtful gift.”

Submitted by Melodie Ray Griffin

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“Last Christmas, Pat surprised me by building me a vanity area in his bedroom because I never had a place to get ready when I stayed over at his house. It was special because, not only did it show me he listens to me, but he also made me feel like his home is my home, too -- which now it is since I moved in in May!”

Submitted by Julie Gravener

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