Hilarious: Living with Teenagers


Parenting teenagers can be tough. Read this hilarious take on having a teen in the house.

For the longest time, all you had to do was look for a video game machine to tell if there was a teenager in the house. Unfortunately, the number of adults who engage in this type of entertainment has made that sign obsolete. You might also have been able to tell there is a teen in the house by looking for greasy, fat-filled, processed junk food. Again, there are now too many adults who can’t resist the heart stopping goodness of these foods. So how can you tell if a teenager is lurking within a domicile? Here are a few signs.

1. Shoes.  One sure way you can tell if there is a teenager in the house is finding shoes in the middle of the floor.  This doesn’t mean the presence of shoes (which is universal) or even the number of shoes (which is gender based) itself is the sign. It is shoes left right where you are likely to step that is the giveaway.  Do they stop in mid -tride, remove their shoes and drop them where they stand? Do they toss them out into the floor from where they sit?  Is it some kind of perverse attempt to punish distracted parents and inexperienced adult visitors? Whatever it is, no matter where you turn in a house with teens you will trip over shoes.

2. Water Bill.  To find out if you are in a house with a teenager just check the water bill.  Every month hundreds of gallons of extra water pour through the pipes of a house with teenagers. And why, you ask? Thirty-minute showers, that’s why.  Seriously, after 5 minutes what is left to wash? What could they possibly be doing in there all that time? (Don’t ask.) Exorbitant water bills equals teens in the house.  Keep reading...

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