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7 Things NOT To Do In A Relationship

7. Compromise Is Not Sacrifice: Women sacrifice themselves for the good of all. We are everything to everyone, forgetting about our needs and what makes us happy. In romantic relationships, we suck it up and "compromise" on relationship deal breakers because we are afraid of the consequences. We hold it in because we want to be the perfect girl. The thing is there is no such thing as perfect.

So, when you are in your next relationship, take note of these common mistakes. Remember who you are and what you stand for. Leave the drama, self-sacrifice and mistrust behind, and self-analyze to find solace in heartache. Remembering what NOT to do can give you better chance at lasting love.

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Sujeiry Gonzalez is the “Latina Carrie Bradshaw” with a little more sass, a lot more Bacardi and a ton of laughs. Previously a dating blogger for, this funny and vibrant relationship (non)expert is currently the New York Modern Love Examiner for She has been featured on the PIX Morning News and La Mega (97.9FM) and has rocked the single gal relationship market since 2006. Sujeiry recently published Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles, the ultimate what-not-to-do relationship book as it chronicles her failed relationships and attempts at love.


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