7 Steps to Get Happy Quick!


Check out this easy list of ways to make your life that much more livable.


You get more of what you’re looking for when you focus on things that make you happy. Close your night with a heart full of gratitude and prayer, and you will generate days full of goodness!

7. Keep happiness files.

What topics make you hacppy to talk about, read about and hear about? Exploring, growing, hunting and gathering information in congruence with your life purpose creates joy. Get 5 to 7 file folders that you can fill up with information, quotes and discoveries that are in the categories that control your most dominant thoughts. These files will keep you focused on all things that keep you happy and excited to pursue your passions.

Bonus one if want to exchange one of the others

Change scenery, change perspective

Take a break from home or your office and find a new view.  Too much of the same thing causes dullness! A short weekend trip away, sitting in a nice cafe, or getting in the sun can lift your spirits. Finding a new view gives you new perspective that inspires change and exhilaration! Go book yourself a mini trip to reset your motivation!


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