7 Steps to Get Happy Quick!


Check out this easy list of ways to make your life that much more livable.

by Dr. Stacia Pierce, for GalTime.com


High-demanding careers and life are often hard to balance, even for the most organized and alert person. To offer advice on how to balance it all is Dr. Stacia Pierce, a successful life coach and also the CEO of Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises, a multimillion dollar conglomerate.

As a CEO, Dr. Pierce knows how hard it is to stay calm and happy 24-7, so she devised a get-happy-quick plan to help herself and others stay calm while managing their career and life.


1. Release and let it go



Remove the tangible and intangible things from your life that seem to add clutter. Clear your heart, mind and home of everything that is stopping you from feeling good about yourself and your life. This can be simply cleaning out a closet or getting rid of any unused or broken items.  A clean mind and space can create a wave of freshness and happiness for you daily.


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2. Make a happiness wheel

Story board what happiness looks like to you. Whenever I have clients say, “I'm just not happy” I assign them to create a happiness wheel where their picture goes in the middle. Then pasted images of what makes them happy circles around them. The happiness wheel is symbolic of everything you love encircling your life. The results are profound. In a short period of time, all the right stuff just starts showing up!


3. Create a vacuum for happiness

If you want to form a new positive outlook, the first place to look is at who you are around, what conversations are you having and where are you going daily. Get rid of things you don't want, like toxic relationships. Make room for what you do want, such as exciting new friendships that encourage you and challenge you to become your best.

4. Create a happiness affirmation.

Your words literally have creative power and the ability to transform your life. You can speak life, happiness, and prosperity into physical existence by using your own heart-felt expressed words. Create a positive affirmation that revives your spirit and speaks to the life you want to live. It can be something simple as saying: “I am happy and I easily and effortlessly attract situations, opportunities and positive, uplifting people into my life that cause me to have a flood of goodness daily!”

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5. Meditate 15-20 minutes every day.

Meditation can be a life-changing force in your life. The act of solitude can solve many problems…when I was going through a rough divorce in my twenties, I would rise early and escape to my sweet spot. That is where I would cleanse my mind of negative thoughts and visualize my happy future that I am living in now.

6. Keep a gratitude journal.

Take a few minutes each night to pull out your journal and list 10 or more things that you can say made your day amazing, regardless of circumstances. Thankfulness always puts in motion more good things coming your way.

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