7 New Mom Tips for Kim Kardashian

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Now that she's given birth to baby North, here are some tips she might need.

7. Do What Works for You

New moms will undeniably receive tons of advice; some good, and some not-so-good. "Everyone, and I mean everyone, will give you advice," shares Shantal S., a mother of two. "Just let it roll off your shoulders."

Most new moms will experience a ton of ups and downs. You'll feel happy and excited one minute, and overwhelmed and exhausted the next. Accept your feelings and know that you are not alone. When you're feeling "maxed out by motherhood," just remember these seven tips – and always follow this important bit of advice from Katie P., a mother of two: "Don't get so caught up in doing everything 'by the book' that you forget to enjoy your new little love!"

Motherhood is the great way to level the playing field. Status doesn't matter. Money doesn't matter. Kids need attention, time and love. We wish Kim the best.

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