6 'Super' Ways To Make Memories On Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity to bond with your family and mate!

By Jackie MacDougall for GalTime.com

Over 100 million people tuned in to watch Super Bowl last year. That means, according to my non-scientific guesstimation, there were approximately 50 million ticked off partners and kids, feeling completely tuned out and neglected by the sports fanatic in the house.

I'm here to tell you that Super Bowl Sunday doesn't have to drive a wedge between family members. In fact, it's actually a great opportunity to bring your family unit closer together and maybe even create a spark in your relationship. A Girl's Guide To Super Bowl XLV

1. The Guest List.  Whether it's just your small brood, some close friends or the entire neighborhood, you make the call. While Maci and her husband go wherever the social scene is, Christine and Byron have turned Superbowl Sunday into a day of tradition. "We have watched it with the same group of people for years since before kids! Just lots of fun!"

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2. The Atmosphere. With the holiday decorations down (Honey, could you put them away now please?), there's nothing more festive than a theme party. There is no better time to pull out that old cheerleading costume from high school! Try a theme around your favorite team. I've been known to get "Patriotic" myself. Or even turn the menu into a theme! How fun would a "souper bowl" be?

3. The Menu. Superbowl snacks can run the gamut, but they often defy laws of physics. Where else can you serve cheese puffs and Triscuits? Val couldn't agree more, revealing it's "the one time a year I'm allowed to bring a Velveeta-based dish without being mocked." Getting the munchkins in on preparing the munchies is a blast. You don't have to throw your diet totally out the window. Hungry-Girl.com has some suggestions and recipes to fill you up without filling you out.

4. The Entertainment. Sure, the commercials and half-time show are certainly worth checking out but this year, step it up a notch. How about a commercial voting card to keep the conversation going? Or get the kids going with a dance contest during half time (might be more appropriate than the sometimes racy show put on). Who can resist Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet?

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5. The Activities.  If you have small kids, I suggest planning some activities througout the game to keep them occupied. Val, a grown kid, picks up a game of ping-poing "during boring parts." Desiree Miller, GalTime's Family Fun Gal, has some great ideas for Super Bowl activities.

6. The Game. It doesn't even matter who's playing, your partner loves football. But more than that, he loves you. So let go of your disdain for the pigskin and show him you're in. It could be just the thing to get him looking to play with you every Sunday until next fall. 10 Football-Free Activities For Super Bowl Sunday

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