6 Ways To Stay In Love While Planning Your Wedding

6 Ways To Stay In Love While Planning Your Wedding [EXPERT]

4. Small gifts lead to big results. Pick a date every month and on that date give each other a small but meaningful gift. Try a homemade card, a love letter, a scrapbook or anything that means something to you and your relationship.

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5. Celebrate your special moments. As the wedding day draws nearer, it will be harder and harder to find time together. Ride with your sweetie and only your sweetie to and from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The wedding day is busy and these may be the last alone "unmarried" moments you spend together.

6. Connect with each other. Hold hands. Give hugs. Connect with your love. Be present. There is a reason you are at this moment in your life. You fell in love so make sure you don't let it get lost.

Yes, while planning your wedding, you may have to plan to stay romantic but it is worth it. Too many couples feel disengaged and disconnected by the time the wedding day rolls around. They are surrounded by family and friends and ready to declare their enduring love but have missed out on the opportunity to stay connected and present with each other. A little extra effort will lead to a wedding day where you and your love feel more in love than ever.

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