6 Tips for Building a Business Online


It's never been this easy and cost effective to start a business!

By Vered Avrahami, Wix.com, for GalTime

jumpstart your career with a business you build online

Being a super woman is much more common than you’d think. Even if your wardrobe doesn’t include a fancy cape, you’re using your super powers all the time when juggling career, family and the pressures of modern day-to-day life. Chances are you also have a brilliant business idea lurking at the back of your mind. Don’t be daunted by the idea of going solo, just use your super powers and make it come true on the world wide web.

The web is hands down your biggest asset, and you can bend it in any direction you’d like to launch your business, promote it to a massive audience and build a customer following. It provides limitless opportunities to market with the exact same tools used by huge corporations. Oh and spending those big business dollars will not be required.

Let’s talk about what it takes to use your ultimate business tool to drive objectives such as sales, growth and brand awareness.

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Today’s Digital World

Before you navigate the web as a business tool, it’s important to understand the state of the digital world so you can take advantage of its massive opportunities. The web impacts us every day, changes the way we live and even shapes our opinions.

U.S. internet usage grew 153% last year as compared with the previous year.

Web traffic is projected to quadruple by 2016 with 3.4 billion people expected to be online.

More than 1.2 billion people receive their web content on mobile browsers while on-the-go.

The web is everywhere and everyone’s on it!
6 Tips for Building a Business Online

Reaching this audience on the web doesn’t have to be intimidating. Here are some starting points:

1. Get your business online for no cost. Just create a website! Today’s user-friendly and free web tools cancel both technological barriers and budgetary concerns. There’s no better time than now—the web can act as your business card and even your storefront.

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2. Start small. The web gives you the opportunity to test if your idea has business value. Gone are the days where forking over money for rent office/store space, large supplies of inventory and hiring staff are necessary. Take it online!

3. Test frequently. The beauty of online businesses is their flexibility. Your website is a canvas where you can test and improve ideas, designs and messages until you find the secret sauce. Showcase different products, change your website’s texts, create special seasonal offers and sales; then measure the response and keep a close eye on the impact these have on your sales.

4. The 8 Second Sell. Stats show an initial visit to a website lasts a mere 8 seconds. Make an impact from your homepage putting your most valuable content there. Keep design clear, be sure that the most important info pops, and make it easy for customers to navigate. Ever seen a homepage splashed with media or customer accolades? Now you know why.

5. Go Social. Social media is the online hangout where everyone from your first-grade teacher to your dentist shares opinions and experiences, recommends products/services and gets up-to-date. It's easy to achieve massive reach at a low-cost by reaching influencers and prospects via social networks. Understand if your potential clients prefer to chat on Facebook, Twitter, blogs or forums—and find a way to be there too.

6. Use with Caution. Don’t use social media as a promotional tool. It’s an engagement tool. Talk with potential clients, not at them. Learn what type of content creates the most positive response and at what times of the day you should be sharing them. The key is to build a community while allowing your audience to shape it.

Time to get out there in the (digital) world! The web is your foundation—and you’ll see just what I mean.

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