6 Things to NEVER Say to Your Man


Even in the heat of the moment, here are things women should NEVER let pass through their lips...

By Kelly Rouba, GalTime.com

It's no secret that every couple has their differences and sometimes arguments are simply unavoidable. But there are some things that you should NEVER say to your man... from critiquing his sexual technique to criticizing his love for sports.

And while many topics (like making too many demands in the bedroom or comparing the size of his anatomy to someone bigger) are obvious deal breakers, GalTime turned to Dating Consultant Stacie Ikka and Love Coach Nikki Leigh for some expert advice on what else women shouldn't let pass through their lips.

1. NEVER talk about your ex. Nor should you tell your man that he reminds you of your ex - whether it be the good, the bad, or the ugly. Ikka adds, "Sheepishly, I admit, I have committed this offense on numerous occasions and, let me tell you, when the tables are turned, it really stings. It's almost as bad as your man telling you you're turning into your mother!" Speaking of which...

2. NEVER tell your man how to manage his relationship with his mother. Remember, says Leigh, In most cases, she's been the number one woman in his life before you came along, and this is an area where you should tread carefully.

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3. NEVER tell your man - directly or indirectly - that you're better at something than he is (even if you are). Men - by nature - are competitive beings, and there is nothing sexy about a girlfriend who tries to one-up or out-do her man. According to Ikka, "I don't know any woman who does this knowingly or who would admit to it, but I know many women who do it unintentionally and subconsciously," she says. "It can be a real turn-off."

4. NEVER nag your man to do things. Nagging is not constructive.

5. NEVER insult your man. This is especially important to keep in mind when in the company of others, Leigh advises.

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6. NEVER say something to him that you wouldn't want him to say to you. Leigh recommends that if a touchy subject does come up, be sure to avoid making insults and demands. Also, try to give your partner constructive criticism. "When you need to talk about something negative, start by saying something positive first," she suggests.

Finally, if you really want to keep that passion alive between you and your partner, leave the instruction manual out of the bedroom and make an extra effort to sing your man's praises whenever possible.

What would you NEVER say to your man? Tell us in the comments.

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