5 Singles' Setbacks and How to Get Back on Track


Transitioning back to single life is tough: Some tips on how to deal...

By Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., Dating Diva for GALTime

Dating should be carefree, easy, and fun, right? But let’s be honest, more often than not, dating feels like being thrown into the lion’s den where you have to fend for your life. In fact, for every stage of dating there’s a challenging beast waiting to be slayed.

But, upon closer examination, each of these beasts is simply an emotion inviting you to master it. And once you do, dating really can be an exciting adventure that’s all about uncovering the best possible you who then meets the man who is your true match.

To reach that happy ending you’ve got to learn to skillfully ride the waves of emotion that threaten to take you off track. Let’s take a look at how to master the emotional setbacks in each stage of dating so you can slay the beast and move on to finding your prince in record time.

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5 Singles' Setbacks and How to Get Back on Track

Setback 1: A Dry Spell that Resembles a Desert When you can’t seem to land a date no matter what you do, it’s easy to start feeling hopeless, like you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. Your refrain can become, “Why bother,” which leads to shutting down and refusing to take any action at all.

Conquering Hopelessness Hope is a natural byproduct of staying in motion. So, take action toward your vision of love and stay in motion no matter what.

Getting Back on Track Join a new singles Meetup group, grab a single friend and make a weekly date to venture into places where the opposite sex hangs out, talk to a cutie whenever you are out

Setback 2: A String of First Date Dead Ends The only thing worse than no dates are several bad dates in a row, which can easily send you willingly back to the couch with a pint of ice cream to soothe your building frustration with the state of men.

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Conquering Frustration When first dates don’t turn into second dates, it’s easy to feel irritated, like your effort isn’t worth it. That’s because you have a specific outcome in mind: finding a boyfriend. What if you shifted your outcome to something larger and more meaningful? Like uncovering your best self. What if you made every date an experiment in how you can act like your best self? Then no matter what happens with the guy, you still come out a winner.

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