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5 Sexy Stocking Stuffers To Give (Ahem) Yourself

5 Sexy Stocking Stuffers To Give (Ahem) Yourself [EXPERT]

All I want for Christmas is ... sex toys?

2. Kegel Exerciser: SmartballsEnjoy better, stronger orgasms and add a little sexy fun to your health routine with Smartballs by Fun Factory. This toy is perfect for spicing up a boring day of errands, as well as getting you in the mood for the end of a romantic night out. $29.

Consumer review: "These balls are nicely designed for sensation. You can really feel the weights moving when you walk, and stairs are, well, practically orgasmic." —Madeira

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3. Rabbit/Luxury Vibe: Ina 2. Looking for the rabbit full of class and more than enough vroom? Look no further than Ina 2, by Lelo. This luxe toy rings up at about $145 and offers a dual stimulator that is powerful, waterproof and — best of all — rechargeable. Enjoy hours of play with silky silicone, seven vibration speeds and eight vibration patterns. $144.99.

Consumer review:  "If you crave class and sophistication in your personal pleasure toys, Ina 2 is the perfect choice. Full of power and easy to use, Ina 2 is sure to knock your socks off!" —Lori and Hubby

4. External/Travel Friendly Vibe:  Black Magic Pocket RocketWhen you have an itch to scratch, you don't always need to bring out a chainsaw. Sometimes all you need is a little rocket in your pocket! This standard is essential for every nightstand and overnight bag, and just one AA battery gets your party started! $12.99.

Consumer review: "The entire body has a matte black velvet cote surface that not only looks sexy, but feels sexy as well." —Lady Venus

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