5 Sexy Secrets From A Burlesque Star


If your sex life seems to be a little 'blah', check out these moves that will liven up any bedroom!

By Malia Karlinsky, GalTime.com

If your sex life seems more lifeless than lively -- you might want to look to the stage for inspiration. The burlesque stage that is.

Burlesque is a old-school erotic art form. Originally popular in the 1860's through the 1940's, these stripteases combined glamour and humor in a sizzling show format.

Now it's back in a big way. From perfomer Dita Von Teese's sold out shows to Cher and Christina Aguilera's bawdy film "Burlesque," the once forgotten sensuous stage shows have become "the ticket" for men and women alike looking for an original experience. There is something special about Burlesque.

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"I think that it is refreshing to see art and entertainment that is not mass produced or over produced and so can speak to individual viewers," states Seattle-based Burlesque Artist Lily Verlaine. "When we (burlesque artists) manipulate an audience, it is simply with the intention of delighting or shocking them, not to sell something."

Verlaine's path to burlesque started with a very different form of self-expression: classical ballet. "After my career as a ballet dancer came to an end, I attended a burlesque show, started a conversation with one of the performers at the bar afterward, announced that I was a dancer and the following month, I was opening for Dita Von Teese! In hindsight, it was a truly magical and fortuitous series of events."

Now Verlaine is a star in her own right-- headlining shows herself. She thinks every woman can incorporate some of the tenets of burlesque into their own lives. Drawn from what she's learned as a burlesque artist, Verlaine shared some sexy tips with GalTime.

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5 Tips for Being Sexy

1. Make eye contact and take your time.

2. Recall that sexiness is a quality unique to each individual. Compare yourself to yourself, not to others. Imitation is transparent, your authentic depth is sexy.

3. Pay attention to your body language. What begins as a fidget could turn into a performance with the right direction. Get to know your body through exercise. Try to observe yourself from the outside and be purposeful in your body language.

4. Cultivate your interests. Aspiring to and achieving your goals is sexy.

5. Nourish yourself and think beautiful thoughts. Spend time with your grooming rituals and on cultivating a mindful diet. An immaculate presentation and inspiring attitude don't go unnoticed.

For more information, visit Lily Verlaine's official website LilyVerlaine.com. Photo of Lily Verlaine Courtesy of Christopher Nelson.

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