5 Reasons to Call it Quits Before Christmas

Love, Heartbreak

You may be better off being single for the holidays, figure out why here.

By Dating Diva, Jennifer Oikle, Ph.D., for GalTime.com

Why You Should Break Up Over the Holidays


If you're coupled up this season, you're lucky, right?  Maybe not. If you're in the wrong relationship than all the seasonal reminders of romantic fires on a snowy eve and kisses under the mistletoe, could just throw you over the edge.  Contrary to popular opinion, the holidays might just be the perfect time to call it quits. Here's why.

Faking It Is Depressing

It's hard to feel the yuletide cheer when you have to fake feeling the love.  You might be thinking it is better to be with someone than be alone. In fact, nothing is more lonely than being with the wrong person over the holidays. Having to pretend for a little while longer is just more depressing.than it's worth -- for you and for the other person.


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Stringing Them Along Isn't Really Fair

Trying to protect your soon-to-be ex by hanging on over the holidays? Imagine how they'll feel getting the boot on January 2, knowing New Year's Eve was just a farce. You aren't doing them any favors by prolonging the inevitable. Sometimes the kindest thing is the most honest thing: get it over with, clean and quick.


Avoid the Awkward Family Moments

It's hard enough to do the holiday hang-out with two sets of families when you are getting along. But having to plaster a smile on your face so his mom and dad won't notice really won't be so much fun. And it's pretty likely that someone at the gathering will pick up on the tension because very few of us are as good at hiding it as we think.

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Make Good Use of the Down Time

By breaking up now, you've got some time off to nurse your aching heart without having to show up to work with red-rimmed eyes. Plus, you'll have the extra support and distraction of family to keep you company. Take some quiet to reflect on the season, what matters most and, if needed, enjoy some soothing home cooking and hot chocolate.

Start the New Year with a Fresh Start

As long as you stay in the wrong relationship, you won't find Mr. or Ms. Right. By saying goodbye now, you'll be ready to face the new year with a clean slate and hopefully this time, find a love that lasts!

Have you ended a relationship just before the holidays or smack dab in the middle of the season? Tell us about it.


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