5 Health Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore


That slight cough could be more of a problem than you think...


By GalTime's Top Doc Stephanie Moore, MD


Warning Sign #1

HEADACHES. Headaches are very important and should never be ignored. If they're irregular headaches, it could be simple like stress or poor posture or more serious like cancer, infection or sometimes just eye or dental related. But they should never be ignored.

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Warning Sign #2

STOMACH PAINS AND BOWEL CHANGES. Bowels are the cleanser of your body. When they change, something is not right. This could indicate diabetes or cancer, so pay attention to your normal habits

Warning Sign #3

ABNORMAL WEIGHT LOSS. This is one you would probably recognize without me telling you. But this is a classic sign that something's not right with your body. This could be physical or it can be emotional. And they have different solutions so it's very important to be tuned in to this.

Warning Sign #4

CHRONIC COUGH. If it's cold or flu season, we all have ignored a cough. Most often, we seem to catch that bug that's going around. But if it doesn't go away, it can indicate an infection or immune system problem... gastric reflux or congestive heart failure. So it's important to get it checked out if it lasts more than two weeks.

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Warning Sign #5

ODD PAIN. Any odd pain in your body... in your joints or muscles... should get checked. Catching cancer early is the difference between life and death.


Pay close attention to these 5 warning signs. They're important, they're recognizable and with your help, we can help you as physicians feel better and live a long, healthy life.


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