4 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

4 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding [EXPERT]

Where can you save and where can you splurge on your big day?

2. Dermatology at Home. Don't get microdermabrasion or facials in preparation for your big day. Do it yourself by using a washcloth and granular cleaner to exfoliate every day (twice per day if you have thick or oily skin). First cleanse the skin. Second, apply granular cleaner to the entire face like a masque. Grab some apricot scrub, which is cheap and available at grocery stores, and wet a washcloth, moving it in circular motions all over the face. After washing your face again, spray with an equalizing and gentle toner and apply moisturizer.

3. A Wedding Dress for Success. Many of the expensive bridal designers are starting to offer more cost-effective gowns as well. The material of the gowns are not as top-notch or as detailed, but you'll benefit from the designer's superb taste and fabulous skills. Also research having your gown custom-designed. Many times it will cost the same as a mass-marketed gown and will be designed for your specific body type and measurements. A custom-design made of an easily attained fabric may cost less than a generic gown made of an imported, rare, or hard to get material and will usually look a lot better on you because it's made specifically for you!Find a Wedding Dress That Flatters Your Shape

4. Two for One Photography. Research photographers who offer both photography and videography. Because you are booking the same person, said vendors may offer you a "bundle price" or a discount. Again, don't sacrifice quality for price. Many of the cheaper photographers/videographers may be lower-priced on the front-end, but end up charging you for edits, proofs, quality albums, etc. Make sure you have all the details so that you can compare apples to apples. Sometimes, the cheaper vendors end up costing the same if not more than the higher end vendors. The same applies for all of your wedding vendors. 8 Tips For Wonderful Wedding Thank-You Notes

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