The 4 Hottest Bedroom Trends


Spice up your sex life today! See how herbs, pillows and skype can whet your sexual appetite.

Sound interesting? Well, now it's time to get your partner on board. Of course that could be easier said then done--especially if it's been a while since you tried something new.

"Introducing something new into your sex life can be challenging, but very rewarding." says Jaiya. "The majority of couples I work with are afraid to tell their partner about something that they really want to do. What's surprising is that they usually want the same thing but just aren't talking about it."

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One idea? Just show them this article--or one like it--to gauge how far they're willing to go.

"'Hey, I saw this article today talking about new trends in sex, what do you think about this?'" suggest Jaiya. "Your partner will reveal how they feel by their reaction. They may say 'I would never have a threesome, but boy, Skype Sex sounds fun.' Then you can dive in and see if they want to try it with you."

She also suggests you be gentle with both yourself and your partner, when trying new things... and to not give up after the first try.

"The first time isn't always the best and many of these thing get better the more you do them," she says.

In the end, you'll both be glad to have mixed things up. "When we mix things up we keep things alive and juicy," says Jaiya. "Couples forget that even though they've won the attention and affections of their partner, they need to seduce them for a lifetime.

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