3 Wedding Planning Myths...BUSTED!


What do you think of these myths that exist about Wedding Planning? Lets find out!

By The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book, Holly Lefevre for GalTime.com

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When it comes to wedding planning the first thing to know is that unless you're a professional wedding planner-- there's a lot to learn! Here are some common wedding planning myths... busted!

MYTH: I know exactly what it takes to pull off a wedding, and I will not go over budget.

TRUTH: There is a good chance you probably will. Many brides "forget" to include some necessary expenses and/or incur additional costs at the last minute. Some brides also "fall in love" with certain items and must have them whether or not they were originally budgeted for. Work with a trusted professional wedding planner to detail out a budget for you based on your needs. Professional planners deal with budgets all of the time and know what costs are involved in a wedding.

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As a final precaution, take 5-10% off of your budget total and hold it back for those unexpected expenses - if you need it, it will not push you over the edge, and if you don't you will have some extra cash for the honeymoon... or bank account!

MYTH: You can cut floral costs by purchasing your own candles and/or containers for floral arrangements, instead of having the florist or event designer provide them. DIY is always more sensible and will save you money.

TRUTH: I love DIY in many cases, but sometimes you should think over the pros and cons, not just about the cash savings. Beyond cost, consider the following: where are you going to store these containers (until the day before the wedding), what are you going to do with them after (do you need 20 candelabras?), how are you going to transport them (will 20 candelabras fit in your 4 door sedan...not likely!), are you sure the florist can use them, and do you want to be responsible for them on the wedding night. Chances are the florist will not transport them back to his studio and store them until after the honeymoon... they are yours!

In actuality, these are not the items that the florist is making their big money on. What you end up with instead is a string of problems ranging from containers that cannot stand up to the complexities of the floral arrangements you desire, mismatched containers, and storage/transportation issues.

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In terms of candles, you need to be sure to buy tempered votive holders and hurricanes, as well as ones that meet current fire code for the city in which your venue is located. Again... who is going to haul them to and from the sites-- think about it!

Also, scented candles can irritate the senses and distract from the meal service - just imagine the lovely scent of Gardenia and Filet Mignon. Or you buy candles at the dollar store and they burnout two hours into the evening. Many brides also like to purchase their own twinkle lights, and miscalculate the number they need, forget adapters and extension cords, and worse yet, for the battery-operated strands, forget the batteries-- by the way battery operated ones don't really last all that long!

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