10 Ways to Save Money this Halloween

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Figure out how to have the best halloween yet- one that is fun AND affordable!

By Coupons.com, Jeanette Pavini, for GalTime.com

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Is the rising cost of Halloween starting to SCARE you? Candy, costumes and decorations-- they all add up. But Halloween doesn't have to be an expensive holiday. Coupons.com Household Savings Expert Jeanette Pavini has some tips on how to keep the costs low... and the spirits high this Halloween.

10  Ways to Save Money this Halloween

1.  Smashing Pumpkins: Buy your pumpkins the day before Halloween. You won’t get as your pick of the patch, but they’ll be 50% off. Carve the pumpkin too early and it will DOA before Halloween. Don’t want to mess with carving? Get some mileage out of it; if you have young ones use stickers, colored markers or paint to decorate a pumpkin that will last through Thanksgiving. Now that’s something to scream about.

2. Save on Costumes: Buying brand new costumes yearly can get expensive, many are overpriced and there’s a good chance they will only be worn once. Try children’s resale shops and get a costume that looks like new. Save up to 80% off the retail price by shopping resale. Sweeten the deal by trading in your old Halloween costumes – and get credit towards your purchase or even make a profit. If you're up for it, try out some DIY Halloween costumes by putting together some inexpensive pieces or even sewing them yourself!

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3. Back from the Dead: Take costumes from previous Halloweens and revamp them. Turn a blonde long haired wig into a surfer babe or Lady Gaga. Last year’s princess costume could be updated into a fairy. Be Creative!

4. Keep the Sugar to a Minimummy: Kids will be racking up the sweets so don’t feel like you have to give them a handful. One piece from each house they visit will give them more than enough candy. (Their parents will thank you!)  Also, open candy bags one at a time. That way if you don’t finish them, return the bags that you didn’t use.

5. Bone Appetit: Look for Deal Treats! Candy is in high demand this time of year, but manufacturer’s are still competing for your trick-or-treat dollars so look for coupons and special promotions in store.

6. Run from Chocolate: In comparison to chocolate treats, hard candy is a savings win. While adults are particular with what they eat, most children just want the sugar.

7. Stock up on candy November 1st: Do your best to avoid candy cravings until after Halloween, then stock up on your favorite sweet treats the day after. All the Halloween candy will go on sale. Make sure to grab a bag or two for next year!

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8. Clutter is Scary: Get Halloween-themed children’s books from the library rather than buying a bunch and keeping them in storage most of the year. Libraries usually have a holiday section and you’ll find book for children, adults, cookbooks, craft books, music and movies.

9. Of Corpse You Should Get Crafty! Invoke the spirit of Martha Stewart and create free Halloween craft projects. Search the Web for free coloring pages you can print out. Have kids make orange and black paper chains with construction paper. Make a shrunken head out of a dried apple. There are so many fun ideas it will make you batty!

10. Fright free at the Dollar Store: Get your stickers, markers, and decorations at your local dollar store – and don’t buy a new bag for your Halloween treats! Use last year’s bag or make your own with an old pillow case and finds at one dollar prices.

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