10 Tips for Shining at Your Summer Internship

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Get noticed for all the right reasons this summer by being the star of your internship.

By Lynn Redd for GalTime

The school year is winding down, and soon many college students will be getting an opportunity to experience their chosen professions through a summer internship. In today's competitive job market, it's not enough to just show up-- internships are about MUCH more than just getting work experience. Take advantage of all your internship has to offer with these tips.

10 Tips for Shining at Your Summer Internship

1. Make connections. Not just with the people you work with but with everyone you meet. It's always about networking!

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2. Volunteer your time. Whether it's running for coffee or food, errands, an assignment, or just to tag along to an important meeting, this is a great way to get you noticed.

3. Cut back on the social networks. I have my own office and there are days when I blog from work. If you're an intern, social networking, unless it's for the company, is a no-no. You want to make sure you do your work, get yourself noticed, and try to score a job.

4. Never, ever complain. Complaining will land you in the HOT SEAT and no one wants to be known as the ''complainer" in the office.

5. Show up on-time. I absolutely hate lateness! Unless it's an emergency, always show up on-time. It lets your employers know that you are serious about your job.

6. Dress to impress and SMILE. The way you look and act will determine what people think about you and it speaks to your work ethics. On top of that, always smile. You'll be surprised where your smile gets you.

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7. Double, triple, and quadruple check your work. Pay attention to detail and check your work. There's nothing worse than turning in work that wasn't done correctly. I failed at this my first three weeks and my boss pulled me aside to give me some valuable pointers about checking your work.

8. Ask for work. For some employers, the summer is a crucial time before the fiscal year is over. Right now, it's the 4th Quarter for the fiscal year and we're running around trying to get things done before September 30th roll around. If you're interning, show them that your there to help them in any way. Asking for work shows them that you're dedicated.

9. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If there's anything about the job you don't understand, speak up and ask for help.

10.  DON'T always speak up, but DO listen. DON'T say whatever comes to your mind especially if you are new. DO your best to listen, observe, and take notes especially in meetings. Offer your opinions in meetings and brainstorming as a group but only when asked for it. If you have an idea that is burning your brain, discuss it with your boss in private. (I only go by this rule for one or two months. After that, you should have a better feeling about speaking up and sharing your thoughts and opinions.)

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