10 Creative Ways to Make Extra Money this Holiday Season

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It's always a struggle to get gifts together- here are some tips to make sure you have no trouble.

By Editor, Lori Garcia, for GalTime.com

Ways to make extra money this holiday

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season to send panic into our bank accounts. If you find your holiday budget is a little too slim or you’re simply looking to make a little extra cash, this holiday season is the perfect time to go into business for yourself!

According to Bizinate CEO, Rudy DeFelice, “[Today’s families] have cut everything they can and are looking to earn more.” If that sounds like you, check out these 10 creative ways to make extra money this holiday season:

1. Hang Christmas lights: Hanging Christmas lights is hard work, which is exactly why folks will pay you to do it for them. Depending on your experience and comfort-level, hanging lights is a potential gold mine. Want to know the best part? You can charge again for your return after Christmas to take the lights down!

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2. House cleaning: Capitalize on the fact that many folks don’t have the time or energy to clean their homes before hosting holiday parties or overnight guests. Offer cleaning services by the hour and before you know it, word of your great work will spread throughout your neighborhood!

3. Babysitting: Families need reliable babysitters more than ever this time of year. If you're willing to offer babysitting services during peak holiday shopping weekends or popular holiday party dates, your services will be in high demand! No parent wants attempt to do their Santa shopping with kids in tow or try and supervise their children while acting as party host - that's where you come in (for a fee)!

4. All things party: Hosting a holiday party can add an additional layer of stress during the holiday season, so why not offer your services to help plan the event, set up, serve guests, and clean-up? You can even offer your services as a designated driver! Cha-ching, hear those merry bells ring!

5. Holiday crafts: Are you a craft wizard? Now's your time to craft your way into cold hard cash! Participate in local holiday craft fairs in your community and sell your goods online.

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6. Holiday cards: Stuffing, addressing, and stamping holiday cards can be a time-consuming process. Larger businesses have literally hundreds (if not thousands) of holiday cards to send out this time of year. Offer your expert holiday card services to local businesses, friends and family for a fee.

7. Gift wrap: If you're an expert wrapper, put your talents to great use this time of year! Charge by the hour and offer to provide all the gift wrap supplies (right down to the bows and gift tags) for an additional fee.

8. Tree service: Lots of people, particularly seniors, love bringing a fresh Christmas tree into their home, but forgo the annual tradition because it’s physically demanding. Offer to pick up and deliver Christmas trees directly to people’s homes, set it up for decorating, and even offer to decorate the tree for a fee. At the end of the holiday season offer tear down and removal of the tree. It’s a holiday win-win!

9. Run holiday errands: We could all use the help of an elf this season, so why not offer to be one? Pick up those gifts, dresses from the drycleaners, stamps from the post office, and more! Charge by the mile and by the hour!

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10. Holiday baking: There’s nothing quite like gifting homemade goodies to those who deserve special recognition. Offer up your mad baking skills to those less experienced than you are for a fee. Collect your best recipes and offer a “menu” of treats for sale by order.

While the holidays serve as a great incentive to go into business for yourself, there’s no reason your entrepreneurial efforts have to be seasonal.

So many of us have ideas, ambition and an entrepreneurial spirit, but we don’t quite know where to start. Whether you’re looking to earn a little extra money on the side or are driven to take a personal leap toward economic empowerment, Bizinate can help. In as little as 3 minutes, Bizinate can walk you through establishing your business online at no cost to you! Offering your goods and services on your very own professional website has never been easier. Bizinate even allows you to accept credit card payments! For those of you with entrepreneurial kids, Bizinate even offers a program for kids, complete with parental controls.

With the right tools, a little imagination and hard work, a prosperous New Year can be yours!



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