Grieving: How Long Does It Take?


When you experience a loss and you have emotions welling up, what you are experiencing is grief. Grief can feel like a huge wave threatening to knock you down. It feels difficult and every day may feel like challenging. You start to wonder when will this be over and will I ever survive.

What does hapen is that it get less intense over time. We are all different in the way we handle our emotional life. Some people shut down and some people ride the roller coaster of grief with an outpouring of feelings.

Time Is An Important Factor in Helping Us Deal With Grief
Over and over I have heard clients say that even though they still feel their losses, it is not as intense. They can start to come back to their lives again.

What helps individuals with these intense feelings?
Again it depends on what kind of person you are. Are you intensely private? Do you do well with sharing with other people? If you are a private person but need to talk to someone, talking to a grief counselor can be helpful. If you learn by interacting with others, a grief group can be very useful. You get to share your story, and you get to hear how other people have dealt with their losses. This can help you feel less alone.

If you feel stuck, just know that you don't have to walk down this path alone, you are entitled to have professional help. Being supported can help the healing process in unexpected ways.