Grief and Loss Counseling Resiliency: A Philosophy


I believe strongly in the resiliency of the human spirit. For many years, I have watched human behavior through the lens of a therapist and a human being. I have worked with clients from all walks of life with compelling issues of grief and loss. I have watched them grow and become the amazing human beings they were always meant to be.

I had a client in the early 1990's who had a lot of issues with grief and loss. After several months of weekly visits she stated, "I feel as though I have been walking around with a black cloud over me and now, for the first time, can see sunlight." This woman felt that she had a future and had hope that she could feel better.

Grief and Loss counseling comes in many shapes and sizes
Therapy is a journey of the heart, mind and spirit working towards health. It is two people in a room who have connected. They trust each other to do what is best for the patient. Some clients come in for a short time. They want to stabilize and feel better and they hope they will make better choices in their lives. Some clients come in for a longer time. They instinctively know they need time to repair, heal and grow.

My work with clients deals with their feelings of suffering because of the grief and loss that is part of their life. My hope and experience is that people can heal. People can change and grow. They can learn how to make better choices in their lives.